Maia Hummingbird - Portfolio

Maia Hummingbird - rooibos tea and coffee artist

Hummingbird - a fearless, independent and little warrior bird. This little bird inspires Maia for its unique qualities dispite its seemingly insignificant size.

Maia discovered painting with rooibos and coffee by spilling some on paper. And it being an inexpensive medium, she started exploring and experimenting with rooibos tea and coffee as an art medium, as opposed to the conventional. Eventually this tea spillage gradually transformed into a fantastic new form of art.

Her art can be viewed and bought at the Rooibos Teahouse in Clanwilliam. Maia is currently the main artist for She has gained exposure through and her original artworks add remarkable focal points to many interior spaces.

Maia resides in the northern parts of South Africa and creates masterpieces with her hands, from conventional art, art murals, to flower and food bouquets. Maia is available to paint on order.

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