About ArtRising.africa

ArtRising.africa is a sponsored digital portfolio inspired by an incredibly talented woman who needed an opportunity to rise up to her feet. Realising that there are many talented women out there in similar circumstances, ArtRising.africa was born.

Many such women escape destructive relationships that last years and never have the opportunity or motivation to develop and empower themselves with skills. They bring with them the unpretentious emotions of pain and passion captured in exquisite original art, while healing, uplifting themselves, and regaining self worth in society.

ArtRising.africa offers a free digital platform to women to showcase their original artwork and to gain exposure.

Original artworks can be done on order or an artist can be contracted for larger projects for corporate clients. Mediums used are mainly organic, such as tea, coffee, beetroot, et cetera, to provide beautiful natural shades.

Some artists may use aliases for the sake of anonimity and/or personal reasons. ArtRising.africa will act as their agent. No commission or fees are levied on any artworks, and buying through this platform will benefit the artists fully.

ArtRising.africa is sponsored and maintained by aarbei.co.za

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Original art in organic mediums. Tea Art. Coffee Art. Rooibos Tea Art.

ArtRising.africa is sponsored and maintained by aarbei.co.za